Pickens County Magistrate Court

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Pickens County Magistrate Court, situated in Pickens, South Carolina, is a vital component of the local judicial system. This court primarily deals with minor criminal offenses, small claims disputes, traffic violations, and preliminary hearings in more serious criminal cases. It serves as a first point of contact for many individuals encountering the legal system, offering a more accessible and less formal environment compared to higher courts. The Magistrate Court plays a key role in maintaining community order, ensuring swift and fair handling of lower-level legal matters. Functioning under the South Carolina Judicial System, it upholds state law while providing an essential service to the residents of Pickens County.


Michael A. Baker, Chief Magistrate
Benjamin A. Dow
S. Michael Gillespie
Bruce E. Anders

Location and Contact Information

Pickens County Magistrate Court
310 W. Main Street (Highway 93)
Liberty, South Carolina 29657
Telephone(864) 898-5551
Fax Number: (864) 843-4652
Office Hours: 8:30PM – 4:30PM Monday – Friday
Website: www.co.pickens.sc.us/departments/magistrate_court/index.php

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