Greenville Municipal Court

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The Greenville Municipal Court, operating in Greenville, South Carolina, is responsible for adjudicating legal issues at the city level. This court primarily handles cases involving municipal ordinance violations, minor criminal offenses, and traffic citations. It plays a crucial role in the Greenville community by providing a venue for the resolution of local legal disputes in a timely and efficient manner. The court’s operations are key to enforcing city laws and ensuring justice for city-related issues. As part of the broader South Carolina Judicial System, the Greenville Municipal Court aligns its practices with state laws, while focusing on addressing the specific legal needs and regulations of the Greenville community.

Court Judge

Pam Larson – Clerk of Court

Diana P. Brock

Elaina J. Calderon

James D. Calmes, III

Stinson W. Ferguson

Matthew R. Hawley, Jr.

Pamela A. Larson

Andrew “. MacKenzie

Rudi A. Summers

Location and Contact Information

Address: 426 N Main Street, GreenvilleSC 29601

Phone: 864-232-CARE

Fax: 864-467-6651



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