police officers need probable cause to arrest you

Understanding Probable Cause in Clemson, South Carolina

The term “probable cause” is thrown around a lot in courtroom movie scenes and television series. However, in the real world, it is frequently misunderstood and misinterpreted. Trusting in the knowledge and expertise of a criminal defense attorney in Clemson,

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hire an experienced attorney if you are charged with a felony

What Happens If You Are Charged With a Felony?

A felony conviction is a life-changing conclusion to any court case, regardless of the specific charge(s) filed against you. Therefore, if you are charged with a felony, you must pay close attention to the steps that you take before, during,

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burglary vs robbery in South Carolina

Robbery vs Burglary: What Is the Difference?

People may assume that “burglary” and “robbery” are interchangeable terms. However, a Greenville defense attorney understands they are different. It’s not uncommon for someone to be charged with robbery and burglary, but the two are distinct offenses. This article explains

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Miranda Rights

What You Need to Know About Miranda Rights

“Did they read you your rights?” This question is commonly asked of defendants by their defense attorneys during one of their earliest interactions. An experienced Clemson criminal defense attorney understands that a police officer failing to read your Miranda Rights

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Bail in South Carolina

How Do You Get Released on Bail in Clemson?

Being arrested, detained, and processed is an overwhelming experience for anyone – especially if it is their first time going through it. One of the biggest questions that many first-time offenders and their loved ones have is, “How does the

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find the penalties for drug offenses in South Carolina

South Carolina Drug Charges: Penalties and Defense

When facing any type of charges for drug offenses, you should have a clear understanding of the penalties and consequences that you may face if found guilty. A criminal defense attorney in Greenville, SC will fight for the best possible

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If your charges are dismissed, you usually cannot sue

If My Charges Are Dismissed, Can I Sue?

False accusations and wrongful arrests can be overwhelming experiences. Even if the charges are dismissed, the monetary, mental, and emotional expenses of any case can leave a lasting impact. However, the mere dismissal of those charges does not necessarily entitle

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Can dropped charges be brought back?

Can I Be Charged Again If My Case Was Dismissed?

Defendants are filled with relief when criminal charges are dropped. Once the excitement of the ruling fades, though, it is typically replaced by the anxiety associated with questions like, “Is that really it? Can those dropped charges ever be brought

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a witness cannot remain anonymous in a criminal trial

Can A Witness Remain Anonymous in Court?

The safety and protection of a key witness in any court case is a top priority for any criminal court case. A common question asked of most experienced Clemson criminal defense attorneys is, “Is there a way for a witness

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