learn how long the police can wait before you are charged with a crime

How Long Do Police Have to Charge You with a Crime?

Many people contact a Clemson criminal defense lawyer with a dilemma: they were arrested and booked by the police, but no formal charges were brought against them. They naturally wonder: how long does it take before being charged with a

find out how can an attorney quit a case

Can a Defense Attorney Quit a Case?

When you consult with a Greenville criminal defense lawyer for the first time, they may take or refuse your case. No legal professional is obliged to take you on as a client. But what happens if they agree to represent

learn about the different theft charges in South Carolina

Theft Charges and Penalties in South Carolina

Being charged with theft can result in prison sentences and heavy fines. Some penalties are extremely severe if your crime is classified as a felony. The best chance you have to fight theft charges is to hire an experienced Anderson

a lawyer can help you get seized property and money back

How Can I Get Seized Property and Money Back?

When the police suspect that your assets are connected with a crime, they have the right to seize them. You don’t even have to be charged with the respective crime for this to happen. And if you want to get

in many cases police will keep seized money and property

What Do Police Do with Seized Money and Property?

If you are charged with a crime, the police have the right to seize any money or items which may be proceeds from the crime or used in committing the crime. This is the essence of the Asset Forfeiture Act.

learn how double jeopardy works in a criminal case

When Does Double Jeopardy Apply to a Criminal Case?

Everyone has heard that you cannot be tried twice for the same crime. The term double jeopardy is the definition of this legal protection offered by the Fifth Amendment. But what are the circumstances when a Greenville criminal defense lawyer

Can I Invoke Self Defense in a Murder Case?

Murder is the most serious type of charge anyone could face. In this situation, you feel helpless, especially if you had no intention to take someone’s life, but only to defend yourself. Actually, many people charged with murder ask their

all degrees of larceny result in a criminal record if convicted

What Is the Offense of Larceny in South Carolina?

Property crimes are classified in various categories, depending on various factors, such as the use of threats, breaking and entering and the value of the stolen property. One of the lesser offenses defined by South Carolina legislators is larceny. However,

Federal Judge sentencing the Goon Squad

Mississippi Goon Squad & the Need for Police Reform

In the heart of Mississippi, a disturbing incident unfolded that once again has shaken the nation’s faith in its law enforcement institutions. Six individuals, who called themselves the “Goon Squad,” were brought to justice for their heinous acts against Michael

Is Receiving Stolen Goods a Felony?

Anyone may end up in the unpleasant position of facing charges with being in possession of or receiving stolen goods. It does not even matter if a theft charge was brought against someone else. Being found in the possession of