Pickens County

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Pickens County Overview

Pickens County in South Carolina encompasses a variety of cities and towns, each contributing to the county’s character and development. Easley, the largest city, stands as a central hub for commerce and community activities. Clemson, widely recognized for hosting Clemson University, is a pivotal city in the county, particularly known for its educational contributions. Clemson University is a major educational institution, renowned for its strong programs in engineering, architecture, agriculture, and a highly celebrated athletic department.

Other towns like Liberty, Central, and Pickens, though smaller in size, play significant roles in the county’s cultural and social landscape. These towns offer residents a more intimate community experience, each with its distinct local flavor.

In terms of healthcare, Pickens County is served by several major health systems. Prisma Health is a prominent provider in the region, offering comprehensive medical services to the county’s residents. This healthcare system plays a crucial role in ensuring access to quality medical care across the county. The presence of these health systems not only provides essential health services but also contributes to the county’s economy and employment opportunities.

Pickens County’s Court System

In Pickens County, South Carolina, the judiciary system is structured to cater to a variety of legal matters, ensuring justice and order within the community. This system includes the Pickens County Courthouse, the Family Court, Magistrate Courts, and the Municipal Court, each with distinct roles and jurisdictions.

The Pickens County Courthouse, located at 214 East Main Street, Pickens, SC, serves as the main legal hub for the county, handling a range of legal proceedings. The Family Court, situated at the same address, specializes in family-related legal matters, including domestic relations and juvenile cases.

Magistrate Courts in Pickens County, with the central office at 310 W. Main Street, Liberty, SC, play a crucial role in the county’s legal system. They deal with criminal, traffic, and civil cases, including preliminary hearings and setting bonds. These courts have jurisdiction over civil matters where claims do not exceed $7,500 and criminal cases with penalties up to $500 or 30 days in jail.

The Municipal Court, located at P.O. Box 217, Pickens, SC, handles city-specific legal issues, including traffic infractions, DWI/DUI, and ordinance violations, ensuring local laws are upheld effectively.

Each court within Pickens County’s judicial system is designed to address specific types of legal issues, ensuring that residents have access to a comprehensive and effective legal system. From family matters to traffic violations, the courts in Pickens County are equipped to provide fair and competent legal proceedings.

Pickens County Court Locations

Pickens County Courthouse

Pickens Magistrate Court

  • Address: 310 W. Main Street (Highway 93), Liberty, South Carolina 29657
  • Phone: (864) 898-5551
  • Website: www.co.pickens.sc.us

Pickens Municipal Court

  • Address: 133 Railroad St, Pickens, SC 29671

Easley Municipal Court

  • Address: 220 North West Main Street, Easley, SC 29640-9640
  • Phone: 864-855-7915
  • Website: www.cityofeasley.com​​.

Clemson Municipal Court

  • Address: 1250 Tiger Blvd # 3, Clemson, SC 29631
  • Phone: (864) 653-2045
  • Website: clemsoncity.org

Central Municipal Court

  • Address: 1067 W Main Street, Central, SC 29630 (City Hall)
  • Phone: (864) 639-6381
  • Website: cityofcentral.org/court

Liberty Municipal Court

  • Address: 147b Kay Holcombe Rd., Liberty SC 29657
  • Phone: 864-843-3956
  • Website: libertysc.com

Six Mile Municipal Court

  • Address: 208 N Main St, Six Mile, SC 29322
  • Phone: (864) 468-4545
  • Website: libertysc.com

Law Enforcement and Emergency Services In Pickens County

Pickens Police Department

Pickens Fire Department

Easley Police Department

Easley Fire Department

Clemson Police Department

  • Address: 1198 Tiger Blvd, Clemson, SC 29631
  • Phone: (864) 624-2000
  • Website: clemsonpd.org

Clemson Fire Department

  • Address: 1521 Perimeter Road, Clemson, SC, 29634
  • Phone: 864-656-2242
  • Website: www.clemson.edu

Liberty Police Department

Liberty Fire Department

  • Address: 206 W Front St, Liberty, SC 29657
  • Phone: (864) 843-2321

Central Police Department

Central Fire Department

Six Mile Fire Department

  • Address:633 Mt Olivet Rd, Six Mile, SC 29682
  • Phone: (864) 868-0733

Municipalities in Pickens County

  • Pickens
  • Easley
  • Liberty
  • Central
  • Six Mile
  • Clemson

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