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Burglary is frequently affiliated with larceny robbery, breaking and entering or theft, but the penalties and punishment for a conviction of each offense may vary. Burglary refers to when a person unlawfully gets into the property or home of a person with the intention of committing theft or another offense.

You can be arrested and charged with burglary for simply accessing the property, even if nothing was stolen. The intent to carry out some sort of crime in the building or structure is enough to warrant charges. Burglary is categorized as a felony and is taken very seriously by law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and judges. You’ll want a skilled burglary defense lawyer to contest the prosecution’s claim.


The prosecution usually finds it hard to prove intent since it is more subjective, meaning it is unique to the alleged perpetrator and usually not founded on provable evidence. Our defense attorneys at Boatwright Legal will compile convincing and compelling evidence that challenges your charges and helps get them overturned or reduced in court. We are confident in our ability to win burglary cases and encourage innocent clients not to take plea deals or admit guilt.
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How do we do case evaluations?

Case evaluations can really go a long way in securing your freedom. Many criminal defense firms will offer a complimentary case evaluation to potential clients to determine if the case is the right fit for the firm. This session will largely entail you sitting down with a lawyer, getting answers regarding the legal questions you may have and learning whether your case meets their criteria for representation.

Experienced criminal defense lawyers will make a strategic plan after evaluating their client’s burglary case. Here’s how we conduct our case evaluations at Boatwright Legal:

  • Your Story: We will listen to your account of how things transpired in the moments leading to your burglary arrest. This is very important to us, so be honest when detailing your account of things to help us not to get blind-sighted by the prosecution. Also, this will help us determine whether your case has grounds for defense.
  • Education: After reviewing your case, our lawyers will clarify technical legal jargon pertaining to your case. Knowing the details of your case will help you know what to expect during the legal proceedings.
  • Strategize Your Plan: If your case meets our criteria for cases, we will customize a defense plan best suited for you after going through all your legal options.

Although our objective as criminal defense attorneys is to advocate for a favorable case result in court, we honestly care for our clients and want to see them free. So, we are greatly honored to play a role in bettering a person’s life. Case evaluations are essential for various reasons.

Burglary Case Evaluation


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Trial Defense

For a burglary conviction to stick, the prosecutions will need to definitively prove key elements, including:

-Unauthorized breaking and entering
-The unlawful entry happened in an occupied structure or building
-There was intent to carry out a crime

If the prosecution can’t definitively prove any or all of these elements, a burglary conviction will not hold. When faced with burglary charges, a skilled defense attorney can challenge the case by showing your actions don’t satisfy the prerequisites to be considered a burglary. Each case is unique and a lawyer can defend you in various ways.

Common defense tactics our burglary defense lawyers use for burglary cases include:

  1. Innocence: There are instances when the person on trial did not carry out the burglary. In this case, your attorney will compile a defense showing you are innocent. This can be through an alibi placing your whereabouts at the time of the crime or proving scientific evidence is unreliable.
  2. Entrapment: This defense is hard to support. However, your defense can hold if you have fallen victim to entrapment. If you were coerced into committing a crime by law enforcement that is out of character for you, entrapment happened. In this case, you won’t face any conviction.
  3. Prove that the action was not burglary: It is likely that you are guilty of the actions which somebody has accused you of. Nevertheless, those actions may not satisfy the elements that define burglary. Good defense attorneys can prove the elements of burglary were not met. For instance, your attorney can argue that you were given consent, so there’s no breaking and entering and your actions don’t qualify as burglary.

Burglary Trial Defense

Burglary FAQs

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Our Process

The burglary defense team at Boatwright Legal start working on your case the same day you retain our services. We will keep the communication channels open all through the proceedings and make sure to update you with any progress we have made. After reviewing your case, we will do all the leg work to establish the facts and prove your innocence.

We will examine the version of events being presented against you by the alleged witness, victim or law enforcement. We will then interpret the law and the facts provided to determine whether they apply to your burglary charge. We will also do a background check on you to see whether you have a criminal history. From there, we will have all we need to craft a solid burglar defense for you.

Our Burglary Process

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If you or somebody close to you has been accused or is being investigated for murder, drug crimes, theft, burglary, or assault and battery, the lawyer you hire to safeguard your rights may prove to be the difference between incarceration and freedom. To learn more about what your legal options are in your charge, make sure to consult with a skilled criminal defense lawyer right away. Remember that your freedom is on the line here. Contact Boatwright Legal at 864-745-9758 now to schedule a case evaluation.

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