Central Municipal Court

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Central Municipal Court, serving the town of Central in South Carolina, is a key judicial body for local law enforcement. It primarily handles violations of town ordinances, minor criminal cases, and traffic infractions within Central.

Central Municipal Court

Central Municipal Court

The court ensures compliance with the town’s laws, offering an accessible venue for resolving smaller-scale legal disputes. Emphasizing community-oriented justice, it reflects Central’s commitment to maintaining order and legal integrity. As part of the broader South Carolina Judicial System, the court is crucial in upholding the legal standards and community values specific to Central.

Court Judges

Jessica Wells

Stephanie Busha – (Clerk of Court)

Location and Contact Information

Address: 1067 West Main Street, Central, SC 29630

Phone: (864) 639-6381 ext. 121

Fax: (864) 639-3957

8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday

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