South Carolina Contract Dispute FAQs

What constitutes a contract dispute in South Carolina?

A contract dispute arises when one or more parties believe the terms of a contract haven’t been fulfilled or have been breached.

How can contract disputes be resolved in South Carolina?

Contract disputes can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation in a court of law.

Are oral contracts enforceable in South Carolina?

Yes, while written contracts are preferable for clarity, oral contracts can be enforceable if essential elements are proven, although proving their existence and terms can be very challenging.

What damages can be claimed in a contract dispute?

Damages can include compensatory (direct losses), consequential (indirect losses), liquidated (agreed upon), or punitive (for punishing wrongful actions).

Can a lawyer help with drafting contracts to prevent disputes?

Yes, hiring a lawyer to draft or review contracts can help clarify terms, protect rights, and prevent future disputes.

South Carolina Contract Dispute Lawyer

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