Honea Path Municipal Court

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The Honea Path Anderson County Magistrate Court, situated in Honea Path, South Carolina, is an important part of the county’s judicial system. This court specializes in handling minor legal issues, including civil cases with limited financial stakes, small criminal offenses, traffic infractions, and initial hearings for more complex cases. Serving the Honea Path community, it provides an accessible platform for the efficient resolution of these legal matters. The Magistrate Court’s operations are crucial for maintaining law and order at a local level, ensuring that less severe legal disputes are resolved promptly and fairly. As a component of the South Carolina Judicial System, the Honea Path Magistrate Court aligns its procedures with state laws, while also addressing the specific legal requirements of the Honea Path community.

Court Judge

Walter “Mike” Hughes

Location and Contact Information

Address: 30 North Main Street, Honea Path, SC 29654-1516

Phone: 864-369-0532

Fax: 864-369-0580

Website: www.county-courthouse.com


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