South Carolina Burglary FAQs

What defines burglary in South Carolina?

Burglary in South Carolina involves unlawfully entering a building with the intent to commit a crime, typically theft, inside.

How is burglary different from trespassing in SC?

While both involve entering another’s property without permission, burglary has the added element of intent to commit a crime once inside.

What are the penalties for a burglary conviction in South Carolina?

Penalties vary based on the degree of burglary but can range from probation and fines to significant prison time.

Is breaking into a car considered burglary in South Carolina?

Breaking into a car is typically categorized as “breaking or entering a motor vehicle” and is separate from burglary, but it’s still a criminal offense.

Can security footage be used as evidence in burglary cases?

Yes, security footage can be pivotal evidence in burglary cases if it captures the suspect in the act or nearby the crime scene.

South Carolina Code of Law – Burglary

South Carolina Burglary trial defense

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