Greer Municipal Court

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The Greer Municipal Court in Greer, South Carolina, is tasked with overseeing legal matters that fall within the city’s jurisdiction. Focused primarily on cases like traffic violations, city ordinance infractions, and minor criminal offenses, this court is a fundamental part of the Greer community’s judicial structure. It provides a platform for residents to address legal issues that are specific to the city, offering a more immediate and locally-focused judicial process.

Honea Path Municipal Court

Greer Municipal Court

The court’s role includes not only the administration of justice but also the enforcement of local laws and regulations. As a vital element of the South Carolina Judicial System, the Greer Municipal Court ensures that its proceedings reflect both the state’s legal standards and the specific needs of the Greer community.

Court Judge

James D. Calmes, III

Edward L. Demko

Dana D. DowlingKathy A. Hiles

Christy C. Jamerson

Isaac L. Johnson, Jr

Denise L. Livingston

Henry J. Mims

Matthew R. Mulholland

Kirsten R. Pressley

Location and Contact Information

Address: 100 S Main St, Greer, SC 29650

Phone: 864-848-5374


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